Game Physics + Engine Programmer

Drifty Thrifty Bang Bang

Drive, drift, and destroy your way through enemies and obstacles in this 3D isometric arcade game, built using a custom game engine

Role: Game Physics and Engine Programmer

Tech: C++, OpenGL

Links: GitHub

Physics Sandbox

3D rigidbody dynamics and collision engine using Extended Position-Based Dynamics (XPBD)

Role: Physics Programmer

Tech: C++, OpenGL, GLFW

Links: GitHub, paper

Lights Out

Escape each room by flipping the lights in this sparse 2D puzzle platformer, built using a custom game engine

Role: Technical Director and Engine Programmer

Tech: C++, OpenGL, SDL2

Links: GitHub 

Deep Q-Network

Demo implementation using deep Q-learning to teach an agent to collect rewards without running into walls

Role: ML Programmer

Tech: Python, Tensorflow + Keras

Links: n/a


AI agent using Goal-Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) for global decision-making with Smart Objects defining local behavior

Role: AI Programmer

Tech: Unreal Engine 4, C++

Links: paper

GPU Particle System Demo

 Personal project for learning DirectX and Vulkan graphics APIs. Coming Soon!

Reach me: dylanrbier [at]